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Business & Commercial Litigation

Business and Commercial Litigation Attorneys Based in Pittsburgh

Experienced Pennsylvania lawyers seek damages and negotiate agreements

In business dealings, disputes are as likely as agreements. Two of the keys to effective dispute litigation are experience and preparation. At Feldstein Grinberg Lang & McKee, P.C. in Pittsburgh, we work to resolve business conflicts efficiently and favorably, so you can get back to focusing on your company’s goals. We advise small business owners and corporate boards throughout Pennsylvania. Our attorneys are assertive at the negotiating table and aggressive during litigation.

Strategic attorneys represent businesses in internal and external disputes

Whether you are embroiled in a disagreement within your company or with an outside entity, our business services attorneys can assist you in resolving it to your best advantage. We provide counsel in disputes involving:

  • Partners — It is not uncommon for owners to disagree among themselves over how to manage and grow a company. Mediation may be the solution in some cases. In others, a buyout of one partner by others may be necessary.
  • Contracts —A customer’s or vendor’s failure to pay or to deliver on promised services can seriously disrupt your operations. Disputes may also arise when employees break a non-compete or nondisclosure agreement.
  • Shareholders — Allegations of company mismanagement or improper payment of dividends are can result in shareholder complaints against officers and directors.
  • Business-to-business disputes — Conflicts among businesses can run the gamut from payment and delivery disputes to unfair competition and theft of proprietary information.

We always use our best efforts to achieve favorable resolutions for our clients outside of court. However, if the other side refuses to propose or accept fair terms for an agreement, we are always prepared to go to trial.

Accomplished Allegheny County litigators present strong court cases

When other forms of dispute resolution do not bring about satisfactory results, it may be necessary to file a lawsuit or to defend against a complaint brought by another party. Our attorneys are experienced in a broad range of business litigation areas, including these:

  • Breach of contract — Breach of contract is one of the most common reasons for commercial litigation. Whether you seek to hold another party accountable for their contractual obligations or you are accused of a breach, we will pursue an optimal resolution that avoids interrupting your business operations.
  • Business torts — One business can be held liable by another even where there is no contractual relationship. A tort is any act that damages a company’s interests. Examples are wrongful interference with contractual relations, theft of intellectual property, disparaging of good will and fraudulent selling of products bearing another company’s brand. If you’ve been wronged in any of these ways, we can request an injunction and seek monetary damages.
  • Banking and creditor issues — Banks and other lenders must be fair in dealing with borrowers. If your company has fallen victim to a usurious or otherwise unfair loan, we can file a lender liability claim.
  • Collections — Our firm handles commercial collections litigation with professionalism. We advocate for creditors’ rights, and pursue court orders to hold debtors liable for what they owe.
  • Foreclosure — Often an entity gives a security interest in real or personal property in exchange for credit. If the debtor fails to pay, foreclosing on that security interest may be your company’s only option for collection.
  • Non-competition — An employee who breaks a non-compete agreement may be held responsible for resulting damage to your business.

Our business litigators propose creative solutions to your challenges and argue aggressively for favorable outcomes.

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The attorneys at Feldstein Grinberg Lang & McKee, P.C. in Pittsburgh counsel clients in complex business disputes and carry on litigation throughout Pennsylvania. To arrange for a free, 15-minute case evaluation, call us at 412-436-5788 or contact us online.


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