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Business & Commercial Litigation

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In business dealings, disputes are as likely as agreements. Two of the keys to effective dispute litigation are experience and preparation. The commercial law attorneys at Feldstein Grinberg Lang & McKee, P.C. are experienced in business and commercial litigation. We take the time to prepare your case through efficient discovery and other methods, in an effort to turn your dispute into an agreement. It is our goal to save your business both time and money.

The following attorneys practice Business & Commercial Litigation:

What are some common business disputes?

Business disputes can be internal or between your company and another company. Some typical business services areas include breach of contract and unfair trade practices. The breach of contract may involve a party’s failure to deliver a product or service as promised, or a party’s failure to pay for that product or service as promised. Theft of trade secrets and other incidents of unfair competition may also give rise to litigation. Disputes within your company may include partnership and shareholder disagreements.

What are some common forms of litigation?

A business litigation lawyer can assist you with these kinds of litigation:

  • Breach of contract litigation is one of the more common lawsuits that businesses are forced to file against one another. If ABC agreed to deliver 500 widgets to XYZ, and the widgets were not of the quantity or quality promised, XYZ should sue for breach of contract if negotiations break down. No one likes litigation, or the time and expense involved, but no one wants to be labeled as an easy mark who accepts less than promised or expected.
  • Collections litigation is basically the other side of breach of contract. If ABC delivered the widgets and XYZ refused to pay in full, ABC should probably turn to litigation to get the money it’s owed.
  • Noncompetition litigation may ensue when an employee signs a confidentiality agreement and then subsequently breaks that agreement. Perhaps the employee did not fully understand the terms of the agreement or is simply flaunting the agreement. Either way, retaining a skilled commercial litigation attorney may be the appropriate way to resolve the situation.
  • Foreclosure litigation is a form of collections litigation. Often an entity gives a security interest in real or personal property in exchange for credit. If the entity fails to pay the debt, foreclosing on that security interest may be your company’s only option for obtaining payment on that account.

Pittsburgh commercial litigation lawyers committed to your success

At a large law firm, the ultimate outcome of your business litigation matter may be of little concern. At Feldstein Grinberg Lang & McKee, P.C., that outcome is our greatest concern. We do not just bill client hours; we build client relationships and are emotionally invested in your success. Call us at 412-436-5788 or contact us online to arrange your confidential consultation.


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