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Commercial Workouts and Foreclosure

Commercial Workouts and Foreclosure

Protecting your Business Interests

At Feldstein Grinberg Lang & McKee, P.C., we understand that foreclosures are a serious concern for businesses in today’s financial climate.  Whether your company is a lender or property owner, we have the skill and experience to safeguard your business’s best interests.

The following attorneys practice Commercial Workouts and Foreclosure law:

As a mortgagee, or lender:

  • It is necessary for your company to be represented by experienced legal counsel who can assist you in negotiating “workouts,” or loan modifications, with property owners and their counsel.
  • Your business law attorney should be experienced in the procedures required by Pennsylvania law when pursuing a foreclosure action against a business. The legal process for foreclosure against a business is different than foreclosure against a homeowner.
  • Should a foreclosure action be necessary, your attorney must be capable of navigating the judicial system on your behalf and, ultimately, executing on the judgment you receive.

As mortgagor, or property owner:

  • When your financial troubles impact your business’s survival, and foreclosure is threatened, you require a clear-headed and knowledgeable advisor who understands your economic position.
  • If you are facing foreclosure, your business law attorney must be well experienced in negotiating loan modifications and/or refinancing in order to best protect your company’s assets.
  • Your business will require advice and counsel as to the best possible way to rehabilitate your debt structure while navigating the legal system.

The objective in any foreclosure action is rehabilitating the relationship between the parties while always protecting your company’s best interests.

Contact commercial workout and foreclosure attorneys to protect your business interests

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