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Established Pittsburgh Attorneys Create Effective Wills and Trusts

Accomplished firm has counseled Pennsylvania clients for more than 40 years

After working and accumulating property throughout your life, you’re entitled to determine where those assets will go upon your death. However, legal steps must be taken to ensure that your wishes are honored. For more than 40 years, Feldstein Grinberg Lang & McKee, P.C. in Pittsburgh has been making wills and trusts that reflect and enforce our clients’ wishes. For simple estate matters as well as for complex situations involving extensive assets and significant tax consequences, our Pennsylvania attorneys provide comprehensive counsel and practical assistance, so that you can make sure that your instructions are clear and enforceable.

Skillful lawyers develop wills that distribute assets accurately and efficiently

We take the time to learn about your situation and goals to help you draft a will that provides security for your loved ones. Once you’ve decided on your main goals for transferring your assets, our lawyers will guide you through all facets of the will creation process, such as:

  • Legal requirements — In Pennsylvania, a testator must be at least 18 years of age and of sound mind. If you fail to leave a written will, your property will be allocated according to state intestacy rules.  
  • Choosing an executor —Selecting the right person to handle probate of your estate is an important decision. We explain the various duties of the executor — known as a personal representative under state law —so you can make an informed choice to fill this important role.
  • Specific bequests — Whether you’re leaving the bulk of your estate to one person or have numerous individual bequests, our attorneys make sure your intentions are clearly stated and are enforceable. We’ll also detail how inheritance or estate taxes might affect the distribution of estate assets.
  • Revisions — A will should not simply be completed and then put away forever. We help our clients review and revise their estate plans as their finances and relationships evolve.

Even if you choose to dispose of your assets through a trust, a legal will is a necessary aspect of a comprehensive asset distribution plan, because circumstances might change and some of your property will not be included in the trust.

Knowledgeable advisers develop trusts to meet specific needs

A revocable or irrevocable trust can help you accomplish your estate planning objectives. Our firm creates these legal instruments based on each client’s needs. Specific types of trusts we develop include:

  • Living trusts — Also known as inter vivos trusts, these documents give creators flexibility and lifelong access to their property while helping their intended beneficiaries avoid the delay and hassle that probate may involve.
  • Special needs trusts — Our firm helps parents of special needs children establish trusts that can assist their sons or daughters financially without threatening their ability to obtain government benefits.
  • Charitable trusts — Many people wish to leave a legacy to a favorite charity, and this requires giving clear and reliable instructions and evaluating various tax strategies. Our attorneys can discuss your goals and set up a charitable trust that honors your wishes and achieves the most favorable tax consequences.
  • Grantor trusts — A variety of irrevocable trusts are available to avoid or minimize estate and inheritance taxes. Our attorneys can guide you through the complex rules and regulations that affect these types of trusts and make recommendations that could reduce the tax impact on your estate while achieving your goals for the distribution of your assets.

A properly designed trust can provide tax benefits and help you control how the assets you distribute will be used. We give personal attention to every client, and we find unique, creative ways to protect each client’s interests.

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Feldstein Grinberg Lang & McKee, P.C. assists Pennsylvania clients with a full range of probate and estate administration services. Please call 412-436-5788 or contact us online to schedule a consultation at our office in Downtown Pittsburgh.


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