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Divorce lawyers providing compassionate legal representation

At Feldstein Grinberg Lang & McKee, P.C., we know that dealing with family law matters can be difficult. Divorce affects all aspects of your life, including the people you love the most. It is our goal to stand beside you and help protect you emotionally and financially. We provide competent advice while aggressively protecting your rights. If there are children involved, their best interests are always our top priority. Our lawyers are prepared to work diligently and meticulously to achieve the best possible results for you.

The following attorney practices Family Law:

Providing comprehensive family law services

Whether you have been married six months or 50 years, divorce has an impact on your family, finances and assets. We provide knowledgeable legal representation in all family law matters, including:

  • Divorce. Whether your divorce is amicable or highly adversarial, we strongly advocate for your best interests. Our goal is to negotiate or litigate to achieve your goals in the least disruptive way possible to you and your loved ones.
  • Child custody. We know that your children are your priority when going through a divorce, so their best interests are our focus as well. We can help you establish joint custody or sole custody. We help create a workable parenting time schedule, and we are fully equipped to help you with your child custody dispute.
  • Child support and spousal support. Determining fair and equitable child support or spousal support is often complex and emotionally trying. We fight to ensure that you and your children are provided the same standard of living as before the divorce.
  • Asset division. Dividing marital and separate assets is a difficult process. We thoroughly investigate and value assets such as real estate, interests in a business, retirement plans and other investments to ensure you receive fair asset division.
  • Modifications. If your life circumstances change after your divorce, we assist you with obtaining a modification of your decree to meet your current situation. We know jobs change, people move and other life changes occur, so we help you modify your divorce decree to meet your needs.

We are proud to offer comprehensive family law services. Whether you need help with a divorce, prenuptial agreement or an adoption and guardianship, we are fully prepared to provide you experienced, compassionate and professional legal representation.

Mediation and Collaborative Law

Both collaborative law and mediation are less adversarial means to resolve disputes than traditional litigation. The goal of mediation is for both parties to arrive at a solution that they can agree to with the assistance of a mediator, a neutral third party. Our attorneys have assisted hundreds of families in resolving their disputes in a less contentious and more cost-effective way through collaborative law and mediation.

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