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Asset Division Lawyers in Pittsburgh, PA Fight for a Fair and Equitable Result

Protecting you in the division of marital assets

The lawyers at Feldstein Grinberg Lang & McKee, P.C. are focused on protecting your interests now and in the future. Our many years of experience have given us the intelligence, skill and resources to investigate and evaluate marital assets and debts to ensure that you obtain your fair share in your divorce. We understand that ending a marriage has serious financial consequences for you, so we are diligent in obtaining full disclosure from your ex-spouse and fighting for your best interests.

The following attorney practices Asset Division law:

How does the property division process work?

Pennsylvania is an equitable distribution state, but that does not mean the marital property is necessarily divided equally. The division is based on factors such as:

  • Age and health of each person
  • Income and employability of each person
  • Marriage length
  • Child custody
  • Contributions each party made to the acquisition of marital property, including the contribution of a party as a homemaker
  • Standard of living during the marriage

As experienced divorce attorneys, we work to protect your financial assets during this process and help you understand how the factors the court considers may apply to your individual circumstances.

What are considered marital assets and debts?

Any assets or pieces of property acquired during the marriage, even if only one spouse made the purchase, can be considered a marital asset. Assets can include:

  • Real estate. Real property includes more than the primary home. We investigate vacation homes, rental properties, business properties and all other types of real estate.
  • Personal property. Most people think of items in the home as being personal property, but this category also includes valuable items such as vehicles, boats, art and jewelry.
  • Retirement accounts. Retirement accounts can be significant assets, especially if you divorce later in life. The division of retirement benefits, consideration of how the retirement of one spouse may affect alimony or income, and whether an estate plan should be created or altered are all important factors to consider.
  • Pensions. Pensions often are the second-largest marital asset. A court in a divorce case may enter an order requiring the administrator of an ERISA-regulated pension to make payments to both the worker and the former spouse.

We investigate all assets, including insurance, stock options and businesses, to ensure you have full disclosure and obtain a fair result. Your marital debts must also be divided, including mortgages, loans, credit card balances and taxes. We work to ensure that you do not receive a disproportionate share of the debt. Subject to the assets, it is our goal to help you emerge from your divorce as financially stable as possible. Our mediation attorneys can persuasively negotiate on your behalf, but we’re also prepared to litigate aggressively to protect your interests.

How does a prenuptial agreement impact property division?

A prenuptial agreement is a contract entered into before marriage that sets the terms of a divorce settlement in the event of divorce. In Pennsylvania, prenuptial agreements are binding on issues of property division providing that both parties have provided full disclosure of the values of their assets and debts. If there are assets that you want to go to your family from a prior marriage or you want to take steps to safeguard your financial future, contact our firm to discuss prenuptial agreements.

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