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Skillful Pittsburgh Divorce Lawyers Protect Your Interests

Dedicated matrimonial attorneys guide you through a tough time

At Feldstein Grinberg Lang & McKee, P.C., we understand that every divorce is difficult, whether contested or uncontested. As experienced family law attorneys, we work to minimize the cost and the disruption to you and your family. No matter how complex your situation might be, our attorneys guide you through each step of the divorce process while diligently protecting your rights. The personal attention that we provide enables us to create a customized strategy that meets your needs. Whether you and your spouse disagree on issues of custody, support or property division, our firm has the knowledge and resources to help achieve your objectives.

What is the process of filing for divorce in Pennsylvania?

To be eligible for a divorce in Pennsylvania, at least one spouse must have lived in Pennsylvania for a minimum of six months immediately prior to filing. Our firm offers clear, effective advice on options such as:

  • No-fault divorce — In a no-fault divorce, you don’t need to establish that the other party did anything wrong. The court needs only to find that the marriage is irretrievably broken or that both spouses have agreed to end the marriage. However, issues of fault still can be considered by courts when deciding on alimony claims.
  • Fault-based divorce — Examples of fault grounds for divorce in Pennsylvania include adultery, extreme cruelty, bigamy, and a willful desertion of at least one year. Alleging fault complicates the process, but we will outline the potential benefits and pitfalls of doing so.
  • Uncontested divorce — Your divorce is considered uncontested when both parties reach an agreement on property issues, alimony and any other issue related to dissolving the marriage. This can save you time and money, but it is best to obtain knowledgeable counsel to ensure your rights are preserved.
  • Collaborative divorce — In a collaborative divorce, you and your spouse retain separate legal counsel, but you also agree in writing to avoid litigation. The parties agree to voluntarily exchange information, and all negotiations are conducted in meetings with the parties and their collaborative attorneys. The goal is for you to work together until you reach an agreement on divorce terms as well as any collateral issues involving support or custody.

Our Western Pennsylvania family law attorneys deliver strong results to clients in every type of divorce process. We will develop a comprehensive strategy in an effort to achieve your goals in disputes over child custody, support payments and the division of assets.

Dedicated advocates litigate alimony disputes

The award of alimony or spousal support is discretionary in Pennsylvania, and the court considers numerous factors in deciding whether support is warranted. Alimony is typically awarded in long-term marriages (although the length of the marriage isn’t a deciding factor) or when one spouse earns significantly more income than the other spouse  Also, spousal support may be awarded to either spouse to balance the incomes and needs of the parties both prior to and during the divorce process. Our knowledgeable legal counselors vigorously assert your rights and help you anticipate how your case will proceed.

Accomplished firm pursues a fair division of marital assets

In a divorce, assets and debts acquired during the marriage must be divided between the spouses. Pennsylvania is an equitable distribution state, meaning that the court does not necessarily split the value evenly, but rather seeks to make an allocation that is fair. Judges consider several factors when dividing marital property, including but not limited to:

  • The length of the marriage
  • Whether the parties were married previously
  • Each spouse’s health, age and income
  • Which spouse will have primary responsibility for minor children
  • Whether one party has separate property or assets that are of great value

Our seasoned divorce lawyers can help defend your rights to the marital estate to achieve an equitable resolution.

Contact an experienced Pennsylvania divorce attorney for reliable advice

The divorce attorneys at Feldstein Grinberg Lang & McKee, P.C. provide aggressive advocacy when you and your children need it most. We’ve served the Pittsburgh area for more than four decades with integrity and professionalism.  Please give us a call 412-436-5788 or contact us online to schedule an appointment at our office in downtown Pittsburgh or Murrysville.


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